About the Developer

David DeMartini has been writing software professionally 1988.

His resume includes the who’s who of hardware and software development in the 80’s and 90’s, including Hewlett-Packard and Silicon Graphics.  But his experience is not limited to navigating Silicon Valley corporate politics and largess.  He also had the fortune of playing a key roll in the success of start-ups from Silicon Valley, to Boise Idaho and most recently Tacoma Washington.

His core philosophy is this.  “Above all; Design.”   A concept that became quite foreign to many organizations during explosive growth and the “Just get something out there, we’ll fix it and figure out how to sell it later” attitudes that eventually helped spell disaster in tech sector of the early 21st century. Business plan or software development, you need to have a clear goal before setting off.

David does not embrace these care-free attitudes, but instead follows that philosophy of ‘Above all, Design’.   This is the commitment to quality design he brings to his iPhone applications.

Now, no one is bereft of fault, and there are but a ones of software that did not contain some flaw, some shortcoming, some oversight during it’s initial release.  That is why he stands behind his designs, ready to support his customers.

If there is a bug, he wants to fix it.  If there is an improvement or suggestion for enhancement, he wants to hear it.  Open communication and commitment to quality are keys to a successful software purchase.

Do not hesitate to contact David with any questions you might have about the products being offered.