Dusting off iCIDR 1.2 – Version 2.0 planning revived


Following a flurry of use if my iCIDR application this week (performing network migrations and increasing our netblock size required some new gateway, netmask and other calculations, using iCIDR really made that a breeze), I’ve decided this tool is just too valuable to let sit dormant. It’s time to being working on those updates I discussed.

In addition to that, I was pleased that one of my new colleagues purchased the app today and used it while working on the network engineering tasks assigned to him, as part of the larger project I’m overseeing.

Only one problem, Apple has massively updated the development SDK and API (know as XCODE). I’m lost! This is going to be a steep learning curve. Having to re-aclimate to all the UI wiring will be one thing, but I’m also making a fundamental architecture change to support deveolpment of an iPad specific version and also a desktop Mac OSX version (I know I’d use it there quite often as well).

There is a lot of development work that will need to be done over the next few weeks. It will be a major push to get the new version built, tested and sent to Apple for review before first of the year. Is it possible. Well certainly. Will I be able to make the sacrifices necessary to hit that goal? That will be large part of the change itself.

Stay tuned for more info and sneak peaks at iCIDR 2.0, and one other App just getting off the ground for your DIY audiophiles. For that second project I’m dusting off some really old C code I wrote almost 30 years ago. The good news is that those theories the code is based upon, remains as true today as it did when I first wrote it.