iCIDR 2.0 sneak peeks


A completely re-written and mostly re-designed (the primary input page has worked so well for me, that is being left alone) version of iCIDR is almost complete.

Carried forward are the features released in Version 1.2 (such as the mail capabilities).

There a few new components in the application, one of which is the CIDR cheat-sheet. A quick reference reminder of the IP range size for a given IPv4 CIDR block.

Example: — 256 IP block (/24)

More information and screen shots, along with a nice surprise bonus feature set will be announced as soon as testing and validation are complete.

Here is a little sneak peak of what you’ll find in the new iCIDR. No longer a single page app, iCIDR also contains a several MVC’s and central control modules. Although this means virtually nothing to the end user, it does mean easier debugging, maintenance and faster response to customer feedback (be it bug reports, which I’ve never received, or enhancement requests).

A little peak into the gust of iCIDR 2.0