iCIDR 2.0 Released!

iCIDR 2.0 has been released!

This new version of the lightweight but useful iCIDR application is available for immediate download from the iTunes App Store [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD].

iCIDR continues to deliver the functionality to Systems Administrator and Network Technicians have enjoyed from the very first version, such as quick CIDR block calculations, typical network configuration parameters and even the sometimes useful integer interpretation (base10). But now there is even more!

What’s new in Version 2.0!

  • A brand new interface, written specifically iPAD users for iCIDR
  • CIDR block size quick reference guide. Want to know how many IPs in specific block, or the correct values to request from your ISP to obtain a certain number of IPs? Now you it’s easy with the new ‘CIDR Sizes’ reference.
  • E-mail features have been moved to a new Utilities page.
  • Now you can jump right to the iTunes App Store directly from the app itself, if you need publisher contact information, and to rate the app so others know how useful it is.
  • Also new is a direct link back to this website, in case you find a bug, or want to express an idea for a future release. Reaching out to the publisher is as easy as a click of the button!

Here are some preview screen shots of the new layouts for iPhone and iPad.

iPad Screen

iPad Screen Shot

iPhone Screens

iPhone CIDR Input

CIDR Reference


Price: $1.99 ON SALE NOW, LIMITED TIME! $.99

iCIDR - David DeMartini