iCIDR 1.0 now ready for download!

iCIDR 1.0 released November 1, 2010.


CIDR Convert(er) is a simple to use tool that allows rapid deconstruction and understanding of any valid CIDR block notation.

For example. You’ve received a block of IP’s from your ISP. Maybe they are add-ons to your existing network. Perhaps you are deploying a completely new network. When you look at the provisioning worksheet and see the notation you will want to know what IPs are part of that range. Instead of trying to do perform the 32-bit math in your head, or on a calculator, why not just use this handy tool? If you with a simple push of a button you’d have known:

iCIDR - David DeMartini

I look forward to creating more useful, and more entertaining apps before Christmas Time.