A Sneak Peek at iCIDR 1.2

iCIDR 1.2 is in the final stages of preparation for release.

Alpha and Beta cycle testing have been completed. I’d like to thank those that provided such useful feedback on the very first version of this product.

Additional enhancements are in the works (yes, version 1.3 is already well into the design cycle), but I did not want to wait to get these improvements out to my loyal users.

Here are some sneak peek shots of the new version.

iCIDR 1.2

The layout has been simplified and a few more features added. It has also been built and tested out on the very latest iOS version 4.2 [link:apple], which is scheduled to release this month!

The screens are subject to change in the final release, but it’s unlikely that any adjustments will be made between now and their availability via the Apple App Store.