iCIDR 1.2 Released!

The first significant enhancement to iCIDR was released today!

I’d like to thank those that tested the new release, and provided such insightful feedback, and ideas for future upgrades (which are being planned for early 2011).

Along with the core function of the product, you are already familiar with, the layout has seen a little tuneup. The biggest improvements are the implementation of e-mail capabilities to the iCIDR.

Mail Results

iPhone 'Mail Results' screen

Making iCIDR calculations on the fly, or in the data center, means you probably need to send that information to other stakeholders. This improvement in the tool allows you to do just that, right there, from the device. Sent in an easy-to-read plain text HTML message (see screen shot), you’ll not need to worry about jotting down your calculations for later use.

Tell a Friend

If you found the App useful, and would like to share that, I’ve made that easy as well. Also using the built-in mail features of the iOS environment, the message includes a deep link directly to the App in the Apple iTune App Store. So, share the good, and tell a friend.

Visit the Apple iTunes store to learn more:

Price: $1.99 USD

iCIDR - David DeMartini